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Different Kinds Of Gates

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Different Kinds Of Gates

Kinds Of Gates | Gate Repair Ramona, CA

There’s no shortage of different types of gates available on the market these days. From pivot systems to swinging ones, and many more besides. There are a lot of different options to choose from. If you’re looking to invest in a new driveway gate for your residential property, or a new automatic security barrier for your business, and you’re wondering which one’s right for you, this guide can help.

  • Swing Style Systems

    This type of mechanism works just like the door to your home. The swing gate's doors are attached to hinges, and swing out so you and your car can pass through. Because they swing 90 degrees from their starting position, they take up space along the length of your driveway, rather than alongside it. This makes them a good choice if you space in front of your home or business, and don’t have space on either side of your driveway for a sliding system. If you have a particularly wide driveway you may need a double swing gate, as standard-sized models are often only 16' wide.
  • Sliding Gate Systems

    This type of system consists of a horizontal track laid into the ground, usually running along the edge of your property. When the mechanism moves to open the way, it slides sideways along this track until it clears the width of your driveway. The advantage of this type of mechanism is that it doesn’t take up any space except beside your driveway, making it a good option when a swing gate won’t fit, like when the property is close to a street or a road. Bear in mind, though, that the sliding gate will have to move at least as far as the width of the driveway, plus a little extra. If you have a 16’ driveway, you’ll need around 19’ in order to install this type of system.
  • Gate Material Options

    Just as there are many different types of systems available, there are also many different materials to choose from. From wood and steel to wrought iron, you have the choice of any number of tough, durable and attractive materials. If you’re considering installing a new system, or upgrading your current system, our team here at Gate Repair Ramona is ready to help you decide on the perfect system for your home - just get in touch with us today and find out what our company can offer you.

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